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About Us

At INCANDESCENT AROMAS CANDLE CO., we’re driven by our dedication to offer a superior, personalized service. We smile with pride every time someone inquires about the great products we carry and leave us as a satisfied customer. It means we’ve done our job right.


Ever since we’ve founded our company we had one goal in mind: ensuring a permanent variety of fantastic fragrances along with unique limited edition and seasonal merchandise that fit any budget. 

What started out as a hobby, has become a passion and we're delighted to share it with you. We believe that the fragrance of your home is an extension of your personality. By using high quality products we create high quality fragrances to fit your home.

Each candle is individually hand poured and composed of a Soy Paraffin Blend with our signature Wooden Wicks. Our products are developed , tested, packaged and shipped with care by the business owner. 


Get in touch with us to learn more about our Handmade ParaSoy Blend Candles, Foaming Hand Soaps, Fresheners, upcoming events and promotions.

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